Kamuli district authorities have vowed to defy government Procurement bureaucracies and repair the Hospital Ambulance and return an X-ray machine in protest.

Kamuli LCV Thomas Kategere announced the planned protest on behalf of public service interests to the Parliamentary Committee on Social Services Health Committee yesterday.

Kategere regretted that the   X-ray provided under the Spanish Loan has not worked since it was given to the district 12 years ago and poses a health threat threat to patients and health workers since it is now emitting radiation.

He also voiced defiance concern that the only Ambulance in the district broke down and the supplier needs 89 million to repair yet it can be repaired locally at less than 14 million.

Kategere in his submission to the parliamentary Committee on social service and health called for an increase in health budget, retention of critical staff, provision of diagnostic equipment and reinstating of Primary Health Care Funds to local government to scale up prevention drive.

Dr Michael Bukenya the committee chairperson assured that they will make relevant recommendation to have the government spend less on social services and beat the bureaucracy.