Kasiwukira Widow Re-arrested Fleeing The Country

The widow of slain city businessman Eriya Sebunya, also known as Kasiwukira has been re-arrested.

Sarah Nabikolo was arrested at Busia border as she tried to leave the country.

According to Nahabwe Nelson, the Busia District Police Commander, Nabikolo was using different names on her passport and was reportedly heading to the Kenyan port city of Mombasa for business.

He says she has now been transferred to Kampala and is to be delivered at the CIID headquarters for questioning.

Her arrest comes just days after the Director of Public Prosecutions appealed against her acquittal.

High court judge Wilson Masalu Musene acquitted Nabikolo of murder charges on October 12, saying prosecution had failed to prove that she was part of a ploy to kill her husband.

The same court however, convicted her cousin Sandra Nakkungu and a police constable Jaden Ashraf.

Justice Musene ruled that Sandra Nakungu and Jaden had a common intention to kill Kasiwukira.

Kasiwukira was knocked dead by a speeding car while he was jogging near his home in Muyenga, a suburb of Kampala on October 17, 2014.

Story By Joseph