KCCA enforcers back on the street backed up by the police

By Moses Ndaye:

Police and Kampala capital city authority enforcement officers are carrying out a joint operation to flash out street vendors on the streets.

Kampala capital city authority had temporarily suspended operations of its enforcement officers citing fear that they will be attacked by the community after a lady drowned in a water channel as she was being chased by kcca enforcent officers recently.

The operation to flash out the vendors from the streets has kicked , after yesterday’s directive made by the minister for Kampala Betty Kamya, who asked police to  help KCCA to flash out the street vendors who had returned on the streets for the last two weeks .

At the moment police and KCCA enforcement officers have been heavily deployed on the streets to stop operations of the vendors.

The spokesperson of KCCA Peter kauju confirmed the return of vendors


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