Kenya voting day update

By BEN JUMBE : About 1,200 Kenyans living Uganda are voting for their next president at the Kenya High Commission in Kampala.

The two polling stations opened as at 6:00 am.

KFM’s Benjamin Jumbe is there and he speaks to Isaiah Kojwang the Chairman of the Association of Kenyans living in Uganda about the voting process.

He also down plays fears of possible violence saying the current perceived tension is simply as a result of the competitive nature of this election.


Meanwhile, some voters have been turned away from the Kenya High Commission for various reasons and they have expressed their disappointment

Voters disappointed

In the Kenyan capital Nairobi at the Green Span polling center in Embakasi Constituency, hundreds of voters have forced their way into the voting area demanding that they be allowed to cast their ballots.

Some voters came in as early as 2am but voting materials had not yet been delivered by 9 o’clock.

We have the voice of one of the agitated voters

Delayed voting

The situation is not any different in Garrissa township where voters attempted to force their way into a polling center where voting material had not been delivered by 9:00am.

They were however repulsed by the police who are heavily deployed in the area.