Kitgum Woman MP Beatrice Anywar referred to India, asks well-wishers to come to her rescue

By Stephen Otage

Kitgum Woman Member of Parliament Beatrice Anywar, has asked well-wishers to come to her rescue and raise money for her to get treatment from India where doctors have referred her.

Speaking in a telephone interview yesterday, Anywar who was involved in an accident in Potika in Lamwo district a month ago said doctors at Case Clinic where she has been receiving treatment for the last three weeks have sent her for further checks in India because they are not comfortable with some of the internal pains she is still feeling.

“I still feel sharp internal pain in the face, the back and shoulders and the doctors say they are not satisfied with the pain I am still feeling so they have advised me to go to India for further treatment,” she said.

She explained since she got the accident on 2 March in Patiko, she has been in Case clinic where she has been receiving treatment and now she needs $4,000 approximately Shs. 14 for treatment costs alone which is separate from what they require for the tickets and upkeep while in India.

“This is the third accident I am getting. The first one was when I was taking the peace torch to Juba, the second one which was the worst involved Gilbert Arinaitwe on Entebbe road when he was pursuing me,” she said adding that she has written to the Speaker of Parliament but she has not yet received a response, calling on whoever can give support, to send to her.

“Last time a whole media house came to see me in hospital but this time I do not know what is happening but must thank general Kale Kayihura among other people for airlifting me to Kampala because Kitgum hospital where I was rushed did not have any medicine I was told,” she said.

When contacted, Chris Obore the director communications at Parliament said he was not aware that she has written but as a matter of procedure, she writes to parliament and parliament writes to the medical board which sanctions her travel abroad because this is an entitlement to every civil servant.

“If she has written to parliament, then I am sure parliament has written to the medical board who must sanction her travel then we  shall process her benefits because she is entitled as a senior legislator,” he said.

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