Land probe commission winds up public hearings

By Ruth Anderah

The Commission of inquiry into land matters has wound up its public hearings today after 30 months of investigations into the acquisition, administration, registration and management of land into the country.

The commission chairperson Justice Catherine Bamugemereire says the commissioners will now retire to write their report to the president.

Bamugemereire says over 7,700 complaints have been registered with the commission, 50% of which are related to land grabbing, evictions, corruption and fraudulent practices.

The judge has also highlighted some of  the interim achievements her  commission has registered in the 30 months including; saving government upto one trillion shillings which would have been spent in irregular payments and compensations.

The commission also halted titling of protected areas such as forests and wetlands and that by highlighting the inhumane way evictions are done, it prompted the judiciary to issue new land eviction guidelines.