Man Caned For Stopping Rain

A 68 year old man has been caned by errant villagers accusing him of halting rainfall yet it is the second planting season.

The residents of Bukhakosi village, Buwabwala sub county in Manafwa district grabbed one identified as James Dembule and caned him fifty strokes.

According to the villagers, Dembule allegedly boosted at a local bar while taking Malwa with his friends that he is a rain maker and that he is responsible for the current dry spell.

Mr Peter Wataka with whom Dembule was drinking said that he told them that a group of youth who are laying bricks in the area had paid him Shs 20,000 to stop the rain from raining so they can dry their bricks.

The area LC 1 chairperson confirmed the incidence saying he did not involve himself in the matter as it was related to the Bagisu heritage which was to be solved by cultural leaders in the area.

When contacted, the newly elected Bagisu cultural leader Mr Bob Mushikori explained that rain making is an old Bagisu heritage but that some bad people are using the practice for financial gain.

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