Locals told to stop inviting politicians to funerals

By James Owich

The Retired Anglican Bishop of Northern Uganda, Right Rev. Nelson Onono Onweng, has faulted locals who invite politicians to funerals, arguing that many politicians have become chief mourners something which is not in keeping with culture.

“Of recent, it has become very common to hear death announcements over the local FM radio stations in Gulu town were MPs, LCV Chairpersons, LCIIIs and councilors are invited to attend the burial of someone in their area,”

The Bishop says such invitation should be restricted only to close relatives but not politicians who instead make political speeches.

He noted that even if a political leader is not related to the dead person, they are forcefully invited to attend the burial.

According to the man of God, politicians have replaced uncles of the deceased as chief mourners.

Member of Parliament for Aswa County in Gulu district Reagan Okumu, and equally said the new trend has led for some individuals being designated as chief mourners, government representative and political party representative.

MP Okumu described it as a bad culture practices which should be delft with immediately.

The Aswa legislator also noted that these individuals who receive titles during funeral events sometimes have not contributed towards medical expenses for the deceased.

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