Masaka Notorious Car Thugs Nabbed

Police has nabbed and arrested three notorious car thugs in Masaka and recovered a suspected stolen car.

The trio in police custody have been identified as Opio Derrick, a resident of Nakulabye, a Kampala suburb Sande Solima, a resident of Nyendo in Masaka and Ronald Ssekanjako, of Namasuba -Kampala.

The group was arrested in an operation conducted by the police after a tip off that they had been sported in Masaka town.

The trio is said to have stolen a vehicle Noah- registration number UAT 024R from a parking lot at Freedom city Namasuba in Kampala on 10th July and they had brought the car in Masaka to sell it.

According to the Southern Region Police Spokesperson Noah Sserunjogi, police was tipped off that the recovered car had been seen at a garage in Nyendo – Masaka and the number plate had been removed.

Sserunjogi says that police arrested the trio which had taken the car to the garage to look for buyers ofthe vehicle after a tip off by a concerned resident.

He says that police has also managed to recover the stolen car adding that they are closely working with police in Kampala to locate owner of the vehicle.

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