Mbabazi Suspends Campaigns Indefinitely

Former Premier Hon Amama Mbabazi has suspended his country-wide Consultation Tour until further notice.

In a statement issued this afternoon, Mbabazi says the suspension was prompted by the death of death of his brother, Enock Bahemerwabusha Bagwowabo.

He says new dates will be given to the Electoral Commission as soon as they are available, asking that he and his family be allowed time to grieve.

Mbabazi has also thanked the people of Mbale who had labored to prepare for a visit that never was after he and his daughter were detained yesterday.

He was intercepted at the Nile Bridge as he headed to the Eastern town of Mbale for his first consultative meeting.

He adds that he is still resolute about following the law and has instructed his lawyers to handle the matter in the courts of law.

Meanwhile, the NRM Electoral Commission Chairperson Mr. Tanga Odoi has said that Amama Mbabazi will be free to consult his supporters if he picks forms from the NRM headquarters as a presidential  aspirant next week.
According to the party road map issued by the party electoral commission all those interested in aspiring for presidential, parliamentary, lord mayor LCV and national party leaders will pick forms from July 14th- 31st and after after embark on canvassing for votes from supporters.
Mr. Odoi says Mbabazi, like any other party member has a right to consult and will be treated fairly if he follows the new party guidelines.