Minister applauds Monitor Stay in your lane campaign

By Roland D. Nasasira.

The State Minister for Transport Aggrey Bagiire has lauded the Daily Monitor Stay in Your lane campaign for instilling discipline among motorists.

He referred to an incident in May 2018 where his official government vehicle was put in the spotlight by this paper for overtaking in a spot where it was not meant to.

Bagiiremade these remarks at the first ever National Road Safety Summit in Uganda that was organised by Vivo Energy Uganda, together with NTV Uganda and the Ministry of Works and Transport that took place in Kampala this afternoon.

Mr Bagiire also used the summit and ordered the traffic directorate to arrest government officials who drive on road shoulders under the disguise of important persons.

Under the theme, Road Safety; Time for Accountability, the summit was aimed at bringing policy makers and other stakeholders up to speed with the road safety challenge facing the country in order to increase their commitment towards road safety.

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