MOE Okays payments of 29 bn salary enhancement arrears

By Damali Mukhaye.

The ministry of education has Okay-ed the payment of salary enhancement arrears for both the teaching and the non-teaching staff in all public universities following the nationwide demonstration over the same.

This followed the ministry of finance, planning and economic development asking for clarification of payment from the ministry of education.

According to the statement dated 9th January from the permanent secretary of education ministry Alex Kakooza, the finance ministry can go ahead to pay the salary enhancement of 29.5 billion for teaching and 4.3 billion for non-teaching staff.

He however says that the finance ministry had paid on 190 staff from Lira University, instead of 214 staff, asking them to rectify this.

All staff from the public varsities had laid down tools over the same money, leaving students stranded.