More men beaten by their wives in Northern Uganda

Northern Uganda has recorded highest cases of gender based violence against men who are beaten by their wives but do not report the beatings to Police.

Speaking at the national injury forum at Speke Resort Munyonyo, Dr. Jackson Amone the commissioner planning in the Ministry of health said gender based violence against men in the country has been raising since 2011 and northern Uganda has taken the lead in husband beatings but most men suffer in silence.

He explained that the most possible cause of the beatings is related to alcohol abuse.

According to the statistics shared, over 36,000 men were beaten in Northern Uganda last year, followed by Eastern Uganda with 30,000 male victims, while Karamoja trailed with 5,000 cases.

Meanwhile, Dr. Anthony Mbonye the director general of health services says since 2011, the World Health organization has identified injuries some of which are sustained through gender based  violence as the fourth biggest killer of human beings in Africa coming falling behind Malaria, cardio vascular diseases, cancer and it has surpassed HIV/AIDS.

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