MPs apologize over chaotic sitting

Some of the MPs who participated in last week’s oil debate fracas have owned up to their misconduct and asked for forgiveness.

Appearing before the Rules, Privileges and Discipline committee this morning, Rwampala County MP Vicent Kyamadidi who confessed to having been rowdy during the oil debate said every MP who was in the Parliamentary chambers including the Speaker is guilty.

He says they should all be pardoned for the misconduct.

Kyamadidi also blamed the misconduct on the alleged attacks by the executive, which always wants to force MPs to support decision that favor cabinet.

In a related development, the Minister for Disaster Preparedness Dr. Stephen Malinga is opposed to the move by the Speaker to take action against MPs accused of causing the fracas in during the said sitting.

Malinga says such punitive action is uncalled for since it was the first time for these MPs to misbehave.

Malinga however, says the speaker and MPs should always observe rules of procedure whenever they are handling any important issues.

A total of 239 MPs are to appear before the committee to explain their involvement in the fracas.

The chaotic sitting was adjourned prematurely, as the Speaker Rebecca fled from the chaotic house.