Mps Under Fire Over Endless Bagwere Wrangles

A section of Members of Parliament from Budaka District came under fire at a meeting convened by the Prime Minister in the Obwa Ikumbania Bwa Bugwere, Mr. Jimmy Kirya, for allegedly fueling the endless Bagwere cultural wrangles.

The meeting noted that a section of MP-led by Dr Jeremiah Mutwalante Twa-Twa, on July 7 2015, petitioned the speaker of Parliament, Ms Rebecca Kadaga, recommending that government should halt any activity surrounding the installation or recognition of the cultural leader of Obwa Ikumbania bwa Bagwere until free and fair reconciliation is done.

He also recommended that President Museveni should also fulfill the Kibuku pronouncement which he made regarding the leadership wrangles and suggested that government should investigate and pronounce itself on the matter.

However, this did not go well with the Institution of the Ikumbania, urging that the MP’s decision to act the way they have done was wrong, and this put their “integrity” to shame and should also be summoned to give a detailed explanation over their role in fighting the institution.

The Mutaka , Mr Badru Kirya, urged the clan heads to remain calm and focused because they are rightful Ikumbania,which is being headed by Bishop Weyabire. “We were duly gazette by government and have no reasons to continue fighting people who are not even recognized” said Kirya.

Dr Twa-Twa’s petition had alleged that the cultural leadership of Obwa Ikumbaniabwa Bagwere has turned divisive since 2010,which is creating a lot of tension and if not handled properly could led to bloodshed, loss of lives and properties.

The government on May 6 2014 had to gazette, Mr. John Weyabire, as the rightful Ikumbaniabwa Bagwere but still Mr. Samuku Kintu Mubbala claims to be the rightful Ikumbania. The endless wrangles have gone on for quite some time.

The MP, Twa-Twa, however, said that the betrayal became more apparent and complex when in May 2013, the ministry of Gender, went ahead to gazette under the name of the new entrant, Bishop John Weyabire but the Mubbala group on May 25 2014 petitioned, citing that the ministry of gender had ignored their earlier petition for reasons unknown only to the ministry.

However, the Ministry of Gender and Social Development responded that the ministry met both factions on June 24 2014, which advised both parties to set up a council of elders approved by the community to help them solve the conflict as provided by law.