Museveni challenges Ugandans on feeding


By Moses Ndhaye.

President Yoweri Museveni has attributed some of the increasing cases of Non communicable diseases to over feeding.

Launching the National day of physical activity at Kololo airstrip, Museveni said currently people are eating a lot of food and doing less exercises.

He has now advised people to stop eating super adding that if they do, they should do a lot of exercises to burn down the calories.

On his part, Museveni attributed his fitness to eating only one meal a day specifically breakfast.

He meanwhile said 40% of deaths today are due to NCDs, with 13% due to accidents, 9% heart to diseases, 5% to cancer, 3% to  diabetes and 10% to other diseases like sickle cells.

Relatedly, the Executive Director of Butabiika National Referral mental hospital Dr.David Basangwa says exercising can be one of the strategies to avert stress and cure mental illness.

According to the Minister of Health Dr Jane Ruth Aceng, a recent survey shoes that being physical inactivity is a major risk factor for developing non communicable diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, cancer and diabetes.

Physical inactivity is reported as the 4th leading risk factor for death in the world in every 4 adults 1 is not physically active enough.

Government recently declared every second Sunday of July as the national fitness day.