Museveni Donates Sh 40m To Masaka Muslims

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has urged Muslims to solve their internal conflicts and unite.

The president made the call while attending Eid- Elfitir prayers at Masaka golf course in Masaka town this morning.

Museveni said efforts are being made to through talks to ensure that the conflicts within the Muslim community are brought to an end.

He also promised to look study the recommendations of the Kabwejere committee for appropriate action to be taken.

The president has also asked the Muslims to stay calm about the ongoing killing of Muslim leaders in the country saying that his government is doing everything possible to bring the culprits to book.

Museveni also paid a visit to Masaka Main Mosque where Kibuli based faction led by sheik Swaibu Nduga held their Eid prayers.

He donated Shillings 20m to the Kibuli faction and another shillings 20 million to the Old Kampala sect.

In his Eid sermon Sheik Muhamad Mutazidwa who also led prayers at Masaka Golf course asked Muslims to remain peaceful and united and avoid unnecessary fights.

He also asked the Muslims to always forgive because great rewards await those that forgive others.

Story by Malikh Fahad