More MPs defend Museveni “sharp shooter” proposal

By Benjamin Jumbe and Shamim Nateebwa

The Member of Parliament for Kitagwenda County Agaba Abas has defended a directive by president Yoweri Museveni to offer Members of Parliament more security.

Last week President Museveni directed the Finance Ministry to immediately buy escort vehicles for all the 456 MPs while the army will provide them with “sharp shooters” to protect them from what he called “terrorists.”

Agaba says there is no problem giving legislators enhanced security, adding though, that as individuals, they must also mind their personal security.

He also says the president should look for cheaper alternatives in this endeavor of enhancing MP’s security.

Some car dealers sampled by Daily Monitor say on average, such vehicles cost $46,000 (about Shs173 million), implying that the government will have to fork out Shs78.8 billion, while the entire “sharp shooter” proposal is estimated to cost government upto Shs287bn.

Meanwhile, the Uganda Muslim Supreme Council has attacked all members of parliament in support of the sharp shooter proposal calling them selfish.

The council Spokesperson Hajji Nsereko Mutumba, says this has exposed MPs as self-centered people who do not care about the safety of their supporters.