NEMA warns of fresh land slides

The National Environment Management Authority is warning people living near mountain Elgon to evacuate ahead of the rainy season.

This follows reports of a looming landslide which could put lives of about 8,000 residents at risk.

Speaking to kfm a senior natural resources management specialist Dr Festus Bagoora explained that the cracks developing are an indication of slow movement of the soil which could lead to a landslide when the rains start.

He advises that the residents find settlement elsewhere and leave the area close to the cracks for plantation of trees.

He says plantation of trees would help in the restoration of the ecological system in the area.

Land slides that hit the area in March last year left over 100 people dead and over 5,000 homeless. The displace people have since been resettled in Kiryandongo resettlement camp in Masindi district.