No Flight Disruptions Due To Obama Visit, CAA

The Civil Aviation Authority has allayed fears of flight disruptions as a result of developments at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in the Kenyan capital Nairobi where the US President Barack Obama is expected to land this evening.

The authority’s spokesperson Vianney Luggya says though, that they are ready to handle requests for emergency landing where need arises.

He says all flights to and from Entebbe are on schedule.

The US President Barack Obama’s visit to Kenya continues to draw divergent views from Ugandans.

One of them is veteran politician Yonna Kanyomozi who says that Obama’s visit is timely given that the region is faced with serious terror threats, economic instability and youth unemployment among others.

Kanyomozi however quickly adds that East Africans should not raise their hopes so high simply because of Obama’s heritage that has links to Kenya.

Members of the general public too have had their say about Obama’s visit with some saying its suspicious while others think it is inconsequential.

In the Kenyan Capital Nairobi where Obama is expected later today, it is all excitement with everyone hoping to cash in on the Global Entrepreneurship Summit.

According to the Standard News Paper, early this week, over 14,000 condoms were distributed during a single event as sexually active residents ‘armed’ themselves for the big boom.

And now, it is reported that commercial sex workers in Nairobi have rented rooms in big hotels and hiked their rates as they target the over 5,000 tourists in town.

And in a related development, the creative folks at Sirville Brewery and Lounge, have prepared a special pint; dubbed the POTUS Beer.

The POTUS an acronym for (President of The United States) Beer is red in colour with a 5.5% alcohol content and is available for sampling and sale at Sh200 Kenya shillings for 500ML from today and throughout the weekend at Sirville.

From the business perspective, traders at the Nairobi Securities Exchange are counting losses as trading has been interrupted, with the bourse closing at noon today.

The Daily Nation quotes the Exchange as saying interruptions and the early closing of trading was occasioned by the visit of US President Barack Obama to Kenya later today, which has limited movements of people around the city with some key roads such as closed to motorists.

During any given trading week, trading usually opens at 9:00am and closes at 3:00pm.

President Obama will be in Kenya for three days beginning today to attend the sixth Global Entrepreneurship Summit before heading to Ethiopia on July 26.