No increased funding to the judiciary- Museveni

By Ruth Anderah

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has told off judges to stop asking for more funding but rather use the limited resources as the country will continue prioritising scientists and infrastructural development.

Museveni who was officiating at the annual judge’s conference made the remarks while responding to the Chief Justice Bart Katureebe who had earlier called for increased funding to the judiciary.

Museveni instead asked the judges to learn how to effectively deliver using the available limited resources just like they did while in the bush where only 27 guns were used to defeat an army of over 6000 men.

He also advised the Chief justice to stop calling for recruitment of more judges since the funds are not there.

The judges have for the past 20 years in their annual conferences cried to the president to improve their poor remuneration and allowances which affect both their profession and personal lives.

This year’s 21st conference is being held under the “Judicial Ethics, Integrity and Accountability. A pre-condition for improved access to justice and sustainable Development.”