Norbert Mao to Museveni “clear the air, is there dialogue between you and Besigye?”

By Ritah Kemigisa

The Opposition Democratic Party is demanding President Museveni to come out and clear the air by either refuting or confirming reports about a national dialogue between him and Besigye.

Speaking to Kfm, the DP president Norbert Mao says media reports about Museveni- Besigye talks do not constitute a national dialogue and says there should be a genuine agenda for a national dialogue.

According to Mao a national dialogue should involve all stakeholders including all shades of political opinion and church leaders and not only two people.

Mao says a national dialogue should be based on broad issues of genuine reconciliation of the country at large, fostering a Trans regime army, how to make the economy serve the majority and not the few.

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