NRM Electoral Commission Disqualifies MP Ssekitoleko

The NRM electoral commission has disqualified two more candidates today.
Among those whose nomination has been cancelled is Nakifuma County MP Eng Kafeero Sekitoleko and Lt Leon Lumaga.
Addressing journalists this evening the NRM Electoral chief Dr.Tanga Odoi said Kafeero whose candidature was petitioned by his opponent Lukooya Mukoome has been kicked out for lack of both O and A level papers while Lt Leon Lumaga is not yet retired from the army.
Meanwhile Singh Katongole contesting for Lubaga North parliamentary seat, Sergeant Anthony Oseku Oriebo and James Tweheyo have all been cleared.
In a related development, the NRM Electoral Commission has today continued to receive petitions from the ongoing local council elections.
The latest comes from residents of Lwamata in Kiboga district.
Presenting the petition to the Electoral Commission chairperson, the group led by Aisha Kenyonyozi accused the district electoral officials of violating the set guidelines by organising polls in a none gazzeted place instead of the subcounty headquarters and also deleting names of some voters from the register.
They now want the elections nullified.
Responding to their concerns, Dr. Tanga Odoi promised is to send a team to investigate the claims.
He adds that if evidence is found, the elections will be nullified.

Story By Benjamin Jumbe