Nude Women Protestors Remanded

Soroti Chief Magistrate Court has remanded two women to Soroti Government Prison after they were produced in court charged with public nuisance when they staged a nude protest against the alleged grabbing of their land by Soroti University.

The court presided by chief magistrate, Baker Rwatoro remanded Ms Maculate Ariokot and Ms Teddy Adeke until 21st July 2015 after they denied the charges.

While appearing in court, the two women were charged of stripping naked on 12th June 2015 with intentions of shaming the police officers on duty deployed at Soroti University by then.

The women were represented in court by their local neighbors that the magistrate refused that they could not stand in for their bail out after they failed to produce proper identification letters to qualify as their sureties.

They were arrested on Tuesday morning by police together with three other gentlemen who are still detained in Soroti Central Police Station.

Ms Teddy Adeke, who was escorted to the court premises by plain clothes detectives mostly women, moved while limping complaining that police had tortured her at the time of arrest in their respective homes.

Other people arrested include the area LC1 vice chairperson of Aputon village in Arapai Sub County- Soroti district, Mr Francis Okodu, Simon Edyangu and Ran Abdu.

According to the eye witness, Mr. George Otim 50, a resident of the same village, police arrested these people after they questioned the opening of another road by Soroti university authority whom they say was contrary to the resolution reached when minister of Teso Affairs Hon. Christine AmonginAporu told the aggrieved community that no more opening of university access roads shall be done until the official opening of boundaries between Soroti university and the community is complete.

However, the regional police spokesperson for East Kyoga, Juma Hassan Nyene, maintained that police only arrested the women who stripped naked because they have a case to answer.

In court, Soroti University is represented by Agolei JD, Mooli, Waluku and Co. Advocates.