Omoro Candidate Quits Race For Government Job

Independent candidate for Omoro Woman Member of Parliament seat has quit the race after she was promised a job in government.
Grace Atim has told journalists in Gulu that after meeting President Museveni at Statehouse Entebbe last week, she was advised to quit and rally her support to NRM’s Catherine Lamwaka.
This has been confirmed by the NRM district Spokesperson, Opio Ateker who says he is waiting for official communication from Atim indicating that she has stepped
down for Lamwaka.
Omoro District Registrar Denis Obong also confirms receiving a letter dated Aug, 6th, 2016.
Atim, a teacher by profession contested for the Omoro County MP seat in NRM primaries, but lost to Francis Obutu.
She was later nominated for the Omoro Woman MP race as an independent candidate, after  she accused NRM officials in the region of handpicking  Lamwaka to run for  Omoro seat without organizing party primaries.

Elections for District LCV, Woman MP and councillors are set for August, 29th 2016.

Story By CiSSY Makumbi



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