Parent sues Sir Apollo Kaggwa PS for 1 bn over death of his son

By Ruth Anderah.

Sir Apollo Kaggwa Primary School – Nakasero branch has been dragged to High Court by a parent demanding 1 billion shillings for his dead child.

Martin Sentamu in his law suit against the school is seeking for a recovery of general damages, punitive damages, interest and costs of the suit arising out of the school’s negligent acts or omissions that occasioned the death of his son Imran Kyagulanyi Sentamu.

Sentamu states that on July 25th 2019, while in a classroom on the school premises, the five year old Kyagulanyi who was in Top Class was hit by a loose frame of timber that had a thick layer of granite affixed on it that led to his death about an hour after the incident.

Court documents further indicate that the deceased had been in good health and had no medical complications that were known to the parents before he met his demise and that the school is liable for loss of expectation of life for leading to death of a child of tender years.

The parent is now seeking for a declaration that the death of the deceased resulted from the defendant’s negligence.

He is also seeking 950million shillings as general damages, Shs50m punitive damages, costs of the suit, interest and other remedies deemed appropriate by court.