Pastors to meet over government’s recent move to regulate churches

By Benjamin Jumbe.

Pentecostal pastors are set to hold a meeting this morning in Kampala over government’s recent move to regulate churches.

It follows a recent announcement by the state minister for ethics and Integrity Rev Fr Simon Lokodo that government had suspended registration of religious and faith-based organisationsuntil a “legal framework” is instituted to monitor operations of Churches.

The minister also said government was set to implement a new policy that will require all preachers in the country to have theological training before opening up a church which among other things is aimed at enforcing transparency and financial accountability in religious and faith based institution in the country.

The move has attracted castigation from the Pentecostal pastors who say they were excluded from the policy making process.

Now speaking to Kfm Bishop David Kiganda says today’s meeting is for consultation before a common position is reached which can be forwarded to government for consideration.