Pine car bond owner Muhammad Sebuufu exonerated of murder

By Ruth Anderah. 

The Pine car bond propriater Muhammad Sebuufu has been exonerated for the murder of a business woman Donah Betty Katushabe by the alleged key suspect.

HamiduWasaaka the former Defense at the said Car Bond , appeared before Kampala High court Judge Flavia Anglin Senoga, as the 24th Prosecution witness in this case.

Wasaaka first disowned the Statements he made at police in 2015, and told Court that the person he saw was a one Kiwanuka Damage and two other suspects on October 21st 2015 at the scene of crime where the woman was being tortured from.

The Witness mantained that Mohammed Ssebuwufu was not at the  scene of crime on the fateful day.

That on getting there he found DonahKatushabe handcuffed, stressed and exhausted,  and demanded to know why she was handcuffed, to which a one Kiwa, Golola and Godie replied that he was a thief.

He then ordered for the handcuffs to be removed or else he involves police, and he also collected Gwava sticks that had been used in the torture.

Mohammed Ssebuwufu, Stephen Lwanga, Philip Mirambo, Godfrey Kayizzi, Paul Tasingika and 3 others were charged with murder and aggravated robbery of Business woman DonahKatushabe’s phones worth 300,000shs.

Katushabe was tortured to death over a 9 million shilling car purchase debt.

The matter has now been adjourned to July 17th 2018 for the 25th last witness to testify.

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