Planned extension of terms for elected leaders suicidal

The proposal to extend the term of office for all elected leaders and inadvertently postpone the 2016 elections has been described as an absolute hoodwink to the people of Uganda.

Fronted by Nakifuma Member of Parliament Eng. Kafeero Ssekitoleko, the move is aimed at giving time to the Electoral Commission to organize elections, given that billions of funds are currently being spent on the National ID project and the national census.

Kafeero says the plan is also in line with the opposition’s demands to give a level playing field during the elections.

However, the Coordinator Citizens Coalition for Electoral Democracy in Uganda Crispy Kaheru says the constitutional review should benefit all the people not a few individuals.

He adds that the reasons advanced are important but too simplistic to warrant an extension of government.

The proposal has already dawn outrage from a section of opposition MPs and religious leaders.