Police summons DP’s Kenneth Kakande

The Police have summoned the Democratic Party Deputy Spokesperson Kenneth Kakande over statements made on the 1.2 trillion fighter jets purchased by government.

Kakande is required to appear before CID tomorrow to answer alleged charges of defamation.

According to the summons signed by the Assistant Inspector General of Police JB Musana, the defamatory statements were made at the party headquarters on the 19th of this month.

Kakande is alleged to have attacked the government and the President as an individual in his statement.

Addressing a press conference today, the DP President Nobert Mao said Kakande will not appear before the Police because he did not make the said statements in his individual capacity.

Mao says Kakande was speaking on behalf of the Democratic Party, adding that the issue of the fighter jets is a political debate that should not concern the police.

Story by Hadijah Mwanje

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