Police to crack down on indecent dressing

By Joseph Ongeng.

The Community Liason officer for Aswa region has announced that the police would work together with cultural leaders to crack down on indecent dressing in Gulu town.

Superintendent of Police, Hudson Ocen, said dressing code has become appalling with many people, especially ladies walking along the streets half naked.

He adds that the police would hold a consultation meeting to address the matter, but warned that people bent on immoral dressing should change immediately before the police comes for them.

His comments follow concerns raised by the Clan chief of Pageya, Yusuf Adek who castigated ladies who walk half naked in town, adding that such dressing is against both cultural norms and the Bible principles.

A few years ago, Assistant Commissioner of police Richard Aruk Maruk earned the admiration of many people in Lira, when as District Police Commander he ordered for arrest of ladies found on skimpy clothes such as mini skirt, saying they were promoting prostitution.

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