Police warns about fake gold deals

By Ritah Kemigisa.

Police have cautioned the public against purchase of gold from unauthorized dealers to avoid falling prey to such scams.

This follows an international call from a one Franco Mirellato the Inspector general of police alleging that her son Franco Corona had been kidnapped and tortured by suspected gold dealers in Uganda.

The police spokesperson Fred Enanga says when the IGP order for his manhunt, he was found at Grand Imperial hotel.

Enanga adds that the Criminal investigations department is currently investigating circumstances under which Corona, allegedly faked his kidnap after falling into a trap of fake gold dealers.

Enanga says despite the crackdown on fake gold dealers, this latest incident shows fraudsters still exist and are using gold plated metal bars, nuggets or powder to dupe their victims, majorly foreigners.

He has now advised them to deal with people who have valid licenses or seek for guidance from the trade minerals before making any mineral transaction.