Police warns FDC

The police have asked Forum for Democratic change to call off its independence week activities.

This follows a letter from the party to the police notifying them of plans to conduct a number of assemblies and processions starting today through to Sunday.

However in the latest response, the police spokesperson Andrew Felix Kawesi has asked the party to desist from holding any assemblies and celebrations parallel to the national celebrations set for Sunday.

In a letter to the party dated 6th October Kawesi says the motives of these activities seem unclear and would undermine the security and success of the national celebrations.

He advises FDC party to attend the national celebrations to be held in Luuka further cautioning members of the public to avoid any parallel celebrations conducted outside the national celebrations.

Government earlier this week had equally sounded a warning to the FDC against holding parallel independence celebrations.

The FDC party spokesperson Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda earlier said they planned to hold a public lecture on Uganda’s journey to democratization and to highlight what he describes as extravagant expenditure by government institutions and seeking solutions to the problems affecting the country.

The Opposition plans to hold Independence Day celebrations at Kira Municipality in Wakiso District today, another rally in Kawempe on October 8 and a national rally in Katwe on Independence Day on Sunday to renew what they termed their “energy in the fight for good governance in this country.”