President elect Uhuru calls on all citizens to keep peace and unity.

By Benjamin Jumbe:

President elect of the republic of Kenya Uhuru Kenyatta has called on all citizens to keep peace and unity.

Uhuru made the call shortly after being declared winners of the 8th august presidential election together with his running mate William Ruto as Deputy President by the independent electoral and boundaries Commission.

Addressing a cheering audience, Uhuru said all Kenyans are brothers and sisters and should put the elections and campaigns behind and move together as one.

He further expressed his willingness to work with his competitor Raila Odinga and the rest of the opposition to build Kenya saying there is no enmity


Kenyatta garnered 8,203,290 votes representing 54.27% against NASA’s Raila Odinga who got 6,762,224 votes representing 44.74%.

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