President Museveni Impersonator Jailed

Buganda Road Court has further remanded a city businessman for impersonating President Museveni.

Ellady Muyambi first appeared before Grade One Magistrate Mary Kisakye on June 19th and denied three counts brought against him, including two on promoting sectarianism and one on forgery.

Prosecution alleges that between July, 2012 and June 5, 2015 at Kiwonvu zone- Kalerwe in Kampala district printed a document titled;

“Do We Understand Museveni’s Real Mission?” among other quotations “Most of the so called Banyakole supporting Museveni are Batutsi but mostly Bahororo.  Bairu who form the majority in Ankole have been impoverished and maginalised. They are dying of poverty and related diseases.
They are Voiceless and powerless. What Batutsi did in South West Uganda to impoverish Bairu is being extended to other groups in Uganda including Buganda.”

Which statement the state claims is likely to promote promoting sectarian sentiments or feeling of ill will or hostility among or against a group of Banyakole, Bairu ,Batusti or Bahororo on account of tribal or ethnic origin.

Now the magistrate has adjourned the case until tomorrow for bail.