Prince Kijanangoma proposes dialogue with the King of Tooro

As a way of bringing peace and harmony in Tooro kingdom, Prince David Kijanangoma and his supporters have proposed a dialogue with His Highness the King of Tooro Oyo Nyimba Kabamba Iguru Rukidi IV.

According to the January 29 letter seen by Daily Monitor to the president, Kijanangoma and his supporters have requested President Yoweri Museveni to support their dialogue with King Oyo.

Since March 2015, prince Kijanangoma and his supporters have been threatening to over throw King Oyo accusing him of being incompetent and disrespecting the Batooro.

In the same letter, they proposed among others things  that government should not release or give back Tooro Kingdom assets that are now in their hands claiming that giving back such valuable assets to the current institution will result into more mismanagement and abuse of such properties.

When contacted, the Kingdom deputy information minister, Mr Vicent Mugume said that the Kingdom has not received any letter about the dialogue.

He asked why Kijanangoma wrote to the president if he is seeking dialogue with King Oyo and not to the King himself.

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