Prof. Nabudere is dead

The country has woken up to the sad news of the death of Prof. Dani Nabudere, one of Uganda’s renowned academics.

Nabudere died last evening at his home in Busamaga, Sironko district.

One of his sons Andrew Mudini says his father could have suffered a heart failure.

Nabudere obtained the degree of Law in London in 1963 and was admitted as a barrister   in the same year.

He was previously Associate Professor at the University of Dar es Salaam  and Visiting Professor at the University of Zimbabwe.

Professor Nabudere was Minister of Justice in 1979 and Minister of Culture, Community Development and Rehabilitation between 1979 in the UNLF Interim Government.

He was President of the African Association of Political Science from 1983  to 1985  and Vice-President of the International Science Association (IPSA) from 1985 to 1988.

He was outspoken on issues of poverty especially concerning peasants and was also very critical of the government.

Prof. Nabudere becomes the second member of the Gang of four to pass on after the Late Omwony Ojok, leaving Yash Tandon and Edward Rugumayo as the surviving members.

The gang of four led deliberations on  how Uganda should be ruled following the over throw of the Late President Amin Dada.

 Story by Ben Jumbe