Rwabwogo Accepts NRM CEC Decision But Vows To Press On

Rope pulling between Odrek Rwabwogo and NRM historical Matayo Kyaligonza is finally over.

This is after Rwabwogo formally accepted the decision from the NRM Central Executive Committee(CEC) to withdraw his candidature.

He was in the race for Western Region NRM chairperson with the incumbent and Maj Gen Matayo Kyaligonza.

However, sources that attended the closed door CEC meeting in Entebbe say the party agreed to ring-fence the top most positions, ensuring that the chairman and his deputies are retained without competition.
In a statement, Rwabwogo says that while he is disappointed by the party’s decision he will abide by and accept it.

Rwabwogo who is also president Museveni’s son in law insists that his campaign was not about the position in the end, but rather about fixing issues and strengthening the party at its base and firming it up for tomorrow.

He has thus vowed to press on to ensure the NRM party has firm roots.

Story By Catherine Ageno