Shs 6 billion political party project Unveiled


By Ritah Kemigisa

The Netherlands institute for Multiparty Democracy has today unveiled a shs 6 billion project to support political parties in the country.

The institute’s country representative Frank Rusa says the project will among other things enhance the capacity of the parties, strengthen the role and participation of Youth and Women in politics so that their voices can also be heard and also improve conflict management.

He has however asked Ugandans to finance their own democracy and not wait for donor support.

However the FDC secretary General Nandala Mafabi has asked the Netherlands institute to account for the funds of the previous project which he says never benefited the political parties.

The shs 6 billion Political parties Support Project being funded by the Democratic Governance Facility (DGF) will run for a period of three years.

The funds are to be availed quarterly to the various implementers.