Strange disease kills children, 100 affected

A strange disease has hit Namutumba district killing 16 children within one week.

The district woman MP Florence Mutyabule says the disease mainly affects children aged between one month and 4 years.

She says she has tried to contact the ministry of health but has not received any response and is calling for urgent attention from the government.

Nsoola village in Magada sub-county is the most hit with over 100 children affected so far, 4 of whom have been rushed to Iganga hospital in very critical condition.

The symptoms of the strange disease include swellings which hit the babies heads and spread to the rest of the body.

The skin then begins to peel off and the children die within few days.

The Ministry of health says it is still investigating the outbreak, whose cause has not yet been established.

The ministry’s in-charge of surveillance Dr. Issa Makumbi says some of the symptoms with which the disease presents such as high fever, vomiting and diarrhea point to malnutrition.

Makumbi says a team of experts is to be sent to Namutumba to investigate the outbreak.

Story by Olive Eyotaru