Stray Dogs Invade Bukomansimbi District

Stray dogs have invaded six villages in Bukomansimbi district, throwing residents in a state of panic and fear.

The most affected villages include Budda, Kikaya, Buyoga, Mirambi, Lukenke among other villages in Kibinge sub county in Bukomansimbi District.

The stray dogs are said to be moving in a pack of more than 20 which has made it difficult for locals to move at night and in the wee hours of the morning.

Locals claim that stray dogs have become a menace putting their lives in danger of catching rabies since most of the dogs are not immunized.

Residents accuse sub county authorities of not doing enough to control the increasing number of stray dogs in the area because they have always complained about them.

Sowedi Sserwadda, the Kibinge Sub county Chairperson says that he has received several complaints of people who have lost their animals to stray dogs.

He however, says that he has already asked the District vet nary authorities to intervene and come to peoples’ rescue by killing these dogs that are terrorizing his area.

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