Teargas Student To Meet Presisent Museveni Today

President Yoweri Museveni is today set to meet student of Makerere University who claims to have made tear gas from local materials.

23 year old Samuel Mugarura, a third year student of Bachelor of Sciences came to the limelight last month when he blasted what he called a homemade teargas canister in a demonstration to a group of journalists at an open field in Kajjansi, outside Kampala.

He says he is a self-taught teargas and smoke-bomb maker, having researched about the explosives for the last two years.

Mugarura who spoke to KFM a short while ago said he was already on his way to State House Entebbe for a meeting with the president.

He says he wants to make his project professional and sustainable so that it can take Uganda to the much desired Middle Income Status.

Mugarura’s innovation however did not come without cost. He was disowned by his lecturers after police said they would arrest him.

He claimed in an earlier interview that each detonation round consumes materials was worth Shs 400, 000 and that he had spent Shs3.4m over the last two years to locally buy the ingredients.

Story By Damali Mukhaye

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