Terror suspects trial adjourned

The trial of the 14 suspects held over the July 11th bomb blasts has been adjourned to tommorrow.

Three counts of terrorism and 76 counts on the murder charge were read to them today and they all pleaded not guilty.

The plea taking on the charge of attempted murder was however not concluded today and will continue tommorrow morning for 6 of the suspects.

The plea taking is quite lenghthy with translators for Luganda, Swahili and Somali languages.

Edris Nsubuga, who earlier made a public confession to the planning and execution of the attacks repeated the same in court today but added that he did not intend it.

Two other suspects including Mugisha Mohammed and Luyima Muzafara have been charged with conspiracy to commit terrorism and have also pleaded not guilty.

Earlier, Government withdrew charges against 5 suspects of the July 11th bomb blasts, leaving 14 on trial.

The 5 who have been set free include Mohammed Adali Abdul, Dr. Ismail Kalule, Ismail Kagwa Walusimbi, Kalif Abdi Mohammed and Kenyan human rights activist Ali Amin Kimathi.

The charges they face include terrorism,murder and attempted murder.

The case is before Justice Owiny Dollo.