‘There are no plans to arrest Mbabazi wife’

There are no plans to arrest Ms Jacqueline Mbabazi, the wife of Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi, the police announced yesterday evening.

“We would like to categorically make it clear that the police have no intentions or plans to summon or arrest Ms Mbabazi,” the spokesperson, Mr Fred Enanga, wrote in a statement.

Mr Enanga was reacting to earlier media reports that Ms Mbabazi could be summoned for interrogation at the Criminal Intelligence and Investigations Directorate of the police or even be arrested. There were also claims on social media that she could be charged in court anytime.

“Those allegations are totally false and we urge the public to ignore it,” Mr Enanga added.

Ms Mbabazi has recently been involved in a stormy bust-up with the Inspector General of Police, Gen Kale Kayihura, over Mr Mbabazi’s supposed plans to stand for president in 2016, which the Force have been investigating.

In an interview with the Sunday Monitor on March 30, Ms Mbabazi  said she would release recordings which show Gen Kayihura attempting to cause a misunderstanding between Mr Mbabazi and President Museveni by “couching” people to claim that Mr Mbabazi has hired people to mobilise for his presidential bid.

The recording was finally released last week, with Gen Kayihura heard taking the statement of a mobiliser claiming he had been recruited by Ms Mbabazi.

However, the police said the recording was actually one of the 87 they had gathered during investigation into the case.