Ugandans languishing in Harare Prison


Ugandans who are detained in Zimbabwe may soon be rescued.

Kakuuto County MP Mathias Kasamba has written to the Minister of Internal Affairs and the Inspector General of Police  seeking their intervention.

Kasamba wants the two leaders to get in touch with authorities in Harare to have the over 20 Ugandans languishing in prison their to repatriated.

Addressing Journalists at Parliament, Kasamba said these Ugandans are stuck in Harare Remand Prison in Zimbabwe, and it is not clear how long they will remain there.

The group was arrested by Zimbabwean police on their way to South Africa, and the authorities there claim they have no money for their deportation.
They are part of the 274 foreign inmates who are all stranded in Zimbabwe prisons. Kasamba’s call follows concerns raised by one of his voters who approached him for assitance in facilitating the return of his son, one Frank Mbazira.

He was allegedly abandoned in Zimbabwe by fraudsters who had promised to take him to South Africa for employment.

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