Ugandans not interested in merging of agencies

By Ritah Kemigisa.

Ugandans are only interested in getting effective service delivery and not rationalization of government agencies.

The remark has been made by the executive director of the Private sector foundation Uganda Gideon Badagawa during a public Economic Forum organized by MUBS and Friedrich Ebert Stiffung on rationalization of government’s agencies.

Badagawa says much as rationalization is good for optimization of resources, the citizens are more interested in knowing how and where they can access quality services at a cheaper cost.

He meanwhile says government should form a think tank to inform cabinet and policy makers on what needs to be doneif the rationalization process is achieve the transformation the country desires.

Meanwhile the public service ministry permanent secretary Catherine Bitarakwate says they are willing to engage all key stakeholders and development partners and consider there recommendations before the final policy is made.

Currently the public service ministry is implementing rationalization recommendations which shall be undertaken in a phased manner for a period of three years.

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