Universities staff strike over pay rise

By Damali Mukhaye.

Staff from the public universities across the country have maintained their sit down strike until government clears all their money for salary enhancement.

This comes few hours after government had allocated Shs15billion to cater for their enhancement.

Addressing journalists this morning the public service minister Muruli Mukasa said the remaining money would be allocated in the second quarter appealing to the lectures to call off their strike.

However in a joint press conference later this afternoon, the chairperson of the forum for academic staff in public Universities Dr Grace Lubaale said their strike shall continue until a total of shs 150 billion is paid to them.

The chairperson of public universities non-teaching staff Jackson Betihama says shs15 billion is too little to be shared among all Public universities across the country.

Government allocated Shs500 billion for salary enhancement but universities have been allocated only 15 billion while teachers take the lion share of shs 135 billion.