UPDF commander gets 10 years for murdering & burying a reformed warrior

A Captain in the UPDF has been dismissed from the force and given a 10-year jail term for murder.

The UPDF 3rd division Court martial has sentenced Capt. Micheal Walumbe after he was found guilty of murdering and burying a reformed Karimojong warrior.

Walumbe  was a commander at 3rd battalion in Namalu sub county  under 407 brigade in Nakapiripirit.

On Mondya Court found him guilty for murdering one Moses Asio who was a resident of Kopetatum village, Nakale parish in Loregai Sub County.

A postmortem report presented to the court by medical officials, indicates that the deceased died of internal injuries caused by torture and that his neck was twisted at the time of death.

The deceased died on the 25th of May 2016 inside the cells where he was detained in Amaler detachment.

The same court acquitted Lt Johnson Kalule and two other two private soldiers Kato Remigio and David Bunyansi .