US to train Uganda security on how to combat terrorism

The U.S. Mission in Uganda has hosted key members of Uganda’s security services including the Inspector General of Police to conduct a joint counter terrorism exercise.

According to a statement from the US Embassy, the exercise that was held on Tuesday brought together key decision makers to enhance their ability to respond to, and coordinate during, any potential terror threat.

The US Ambassador to Uganda Scott DeLisi said Uganda’s efforts to bring peace and stability to regions such as Somalia have made it the target of multiple threats for violent extremists adding that Uganda and the United States face a common threat, and will continue to look for ways to strengthen cooperation.

He also noted that Uganda has been chosen for the roll out of this exercise because of the capabilities of its security forces in identifying and disrupting violent extremists’ and their plans to disrupt the peace of the region as well as the country’s commitment to fostering regional peace.

Meanwhile, the Inspector General of Police Gen. Kale Kayihura reiterated that all terror suspects will go through the due process of the law to ensure that justice is done.

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