Visiting Guinea president Obiang Nguema wants policies to compel African governments to buy locally made products

By Moses Ndhaye

The Visiting Equatorial Guinea president Teodoro Obiang Nguema has asked African leaders to put in place policies which compel government departments and other agencies to begin buying locally made products from Africa.

He says relying on buying and importation of foreign products will continue to affect African economic development.

President Obiang made the remarks, while addressing a press conference on his arrival at state house Entebbe yesterday.

He says the efforts being made by various African leaders to promote industrialization in Africa will remain futile if such policies are ignored.

However, president Museveni underscored the need for African leaders to unite and promote peace in the region.

Recently president Museveni ordered government ministries, departments and agencies to begin procuring products locally made in Uganda.

The two presidents will this morning grace the ongoing oil and gas convention at Kampala Serena Hotel.

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